For those who cannot join us in Bern, the ALLEA General Assembly will also be available on livestream on our website: The video will be produced by an autonomous camera operator managed by Seervision, a spin-off from the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich and winner of the Swiss Technology Award 2018.

The livestream will include the ALLEA 25th anniversary keynotes and the Madame de Staël award ceremony on 8 May (18:00 – 20:00), and the scientific symposium ‘Science and Society in Present-day Europe’ on 9 May (10:30 – 17:30).



The filming will be a good opportunity to see first-hand how digitalisation is taking part in our everyday life. Seervision allows an almost fully autonomous video production. Their intelligent camera system can track moving objects without the need for a hands-on camera operator, who would normally be adjusting the camera’s position. We are honoured to welcome a further beta test of the camera at our conference!